Hüsker Dü

Box set of (mainly) unissued tracks later this year:

And you can stream it now:


Just listening to the selection that’s up on NPR now. It’s a lot of fun.

Really interested to hear the new Land Speed Record. Have an original on LP and it fucking rips.

Only just realised NPR also have disc 2 and disc 3 streaming at the moment.

Definitely buying this now!


He had been quite ill for some time but I’m still shocked by this. I met him a couple of times when my mates were in his backing band in 2012/13. I really liked him and was amazed that I was able to meet a man who played in one of my favourite bands and one who had written some of my favourite songs.

R.I.P. Grant.


ah fuck

RIP grant


Fuck me - this sucks!

Ffs, had no idea he was ill


Just discovered this 5-episode podcast and really liked the first two. History of Husker Du with lots of interview clips. (You all knew about it already, right?)

Got New Day Rising on for the first time in yeeeeears.

Such a good album.


Amazing to think that the run of Zen Arcade - New Day Rising - Flip Your Wig we’re all released within a period of about 14 months.

(New Day Rising is definitely the best though).


Yeah, there were a lot of really productive bands around them but they really outdid most everyone in terms of quality and consistency.

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