Hüsker Dü


Box set of (mainly) unissued tracks later this year:


And you can stream it now:



Just listening to the selection that’s up on NPR now. It’s a lot of fun.


Really interested to hear the new Land Speed Record. Have an original on LP and it fucking rips.


Only just realised NPR also have disc 2 and disc 3 streaming at the moment.

Definitely buying this now!




He had been quite ill for some time but I’m still shocked by this. I met him a couple of times when my mates were in his backing band in 2012/13. I really liked him and was amazed that I was able to meet a man who played in one of my favourite bands and one who had written some of my favourite songs.

R.I.P. Grant.

Grant Hart RIP

ah fuck

RIP grant



Fuck me - this sucks!


Ffs, had no idea he was ill



Just discovered this 5-episode podcast and really liked the first two. History of Husker Du with lots of interview clips. (You all knew about it already, right?)