HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (ruminations on time, plumbing, whatever)



Since having our water meter fitted our pipes (quite often) make a terribly loud HUUUUUUUUUUUUUU noise when the water is turned on. The water board have told us to run our mains tap for one hour. One hour, really? An arbitrary amount of time set by man just happens to exactly fit how long we need to do this for? Not 53 mintes or 1h24m? And that is going to fix it, is it?

How are you?


is there a man trapped in the pipe


Do they want you to run it at full pressure? Seems like a waste of litres, nay, TENS OF LITRES of water.


I had a brief moment the other day where I thought about becoming a plumber, that nostalgic smell of flux really had an impact on me


They claim that we won’t be charged for it. Might be an air bubble apparently.


On a separate note we are supposed to have a plumber come round today to do me a quote.

Trades are great but you need to get in early so you can do the earning fuck all bit when living with your folks.


Wasn’t really your finances I was worried about mate, more the waste of water.


What pipes are making the noise - the water pipes or the central heating pipes?


Yeah, think that ship has sailed for me Lonzy


Water, although it has moved about a bit. Currently mainly the shower when before it was the washing machine.




Can I share an unrelated plumbing anecdote, please?


then what’s the problem? run it full blast for as long as you want


Please do


Yeah, sounds like trapped air, especially if it’s moving up the house.

Is your washing machine plumbed into the hot water, or just the cold? If it’s the latter, it implies that the air is probably trapped in the cold water system, which is better than it being in the hot water, at least.


Alright, I’ll set it off right now, you fuck. Someone remind me at 11.43


Yeah it is cold only.


It’s annoyingly loud and we don’t have a door to the kicthen



The rental place I hire a dishwasher from sent a “plumber” round to look at it. He clearly wasn’t a plumber but a generalist technician. This isn’t the anecdote.

Anyway, as he was enjoying the Hario dripper coffee I had made him, he asked what I did for a living. His response was “Patents, eh? That must be tedious.” In my own home! Drinking my good coffee!

I mean he’s not wrong but that’s not the point.


Running a tap for an hour after having a water meter installed? They aren’t being very subtle at wanting money out of you.