Hwhere should i go on holiday sometime mid-November to mid-December

Also, should you wish, hwhy?

  • Tokyo, Japan
  • San Francisco, America
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Erbil, Iraq

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Blackpool. Best to see it at its bleakest.


I was in San Francisco in November/December a few years back. It was quite a novelty for me to not have to wear a jacket outside on my birthday in early December. For that alone, I would go to SF again.

Yeah, I’ve been invited over for a festival. Would prefer to go when its a bit more pleasant to walk around, but its probably the easiest time for me to get over and I wouldn’t have to pay for accomodation

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Your list of options reads like some of the countries my mate will be involved with in his new International Development job.

Other people are so lucky.

Been to Tokyo twice around this time in recent years.
Weathers been fine. 19/20 or so and hardly any rain when I was there.
A lot less tourists plus all the Christmas stuff is on the go by then which is pretty great.
Plus Japan is just fucking brilliant.


The BA sale started today so you should be able to get fairly cheap flights to most of those destinations.

Nah, the weather’ll be fine. There’s nothing like the blue sky of a Tokyo winter’s day.
Also it’s the best city on earth.

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If you’ve never been to Japan before go to Japan.

If you’ve been to Japan before then you’d want to go back to Japan :slight_smile: