Hyde Park British Summer Time Gigs

Are we close enough to start speculating on £2.50 tickets yet? Only The Killer has sold out.

There’s no-one I’d massively want to see this year. Bieber will put in a half-arsed shift, and Phil Collins looked like he was on his last legs when he was on the Jonathan Ross show last.

No idea, might go to Tom Petty

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Jerry Lee Lewis is playing?


All of them look bad this year

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Oh gosh I loved the original two pounds fifty ticket day so bloody much.

Might re-live it right now:


The Killers one is the only one I’d have actually considered going to, but I think I’d have a great time at all of them (except for Justin).

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How are the Killers still so popular?


Mormon conspiracy

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They have so many hugely popular songs that they recently opened with Mr. Brightside, just because they can.


would have had a really great time at The Killers tbh, but then again I do love Tears For Fears

I’m Norman Whiteside


Massive Attack for £2.50 was amazing last year. Who’s on this year?

Love this Jordo, absolutely love this.

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Don’t fancy any of that. Maybe Green Day at an absolute push?

MATE. Mike and the Mechanics are at the Phil Collins one. HOW COULD YOU?

Haha! Tell you what, if this goes to £2.50, we’ll have a little whistle-along together

Mike will almost certainly join Phil onstage for a Genesis encore!

tbh I’d go to any of them apart from the Justin Bieber one

God I don’t think I’d go to any of those for £2.50
Actually maybe just turn up for the Blondie set then fuck off