What us hygge?

Please answer this question honestly:

Do you know what hygge is/means?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hip Young Gunslinger Gets Eaten


Keep meaning to Google it but can’t be arsed. Seems that most people prefer to be happily ignorant about everything so I’ve decided to join them rather than constantly beating myself up.

Save it for Thursday, Pniks


What was it called please?



Cheers Knickers, I don’t know if I’ll manage reading it though

some classic marckeeing going on in there

(Spoiler: I didn’t know what it was until that thread)

keeping seeing people use it but only in the sense of acknowledging its existence as a meme with no other context whatsoever so i know absolutely nothing about it and have never seen it used properly

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The thing that I don’t get about it, right, is how it disregards how some people might find different things comfy.
As it is it’s just hyper commercialised gingham.

Ajax/Arsenal fan, all round good guy

n.b. I don’t know or care how hygge’s meant to be pronounced

it’s pronounced theo

Nice bit of respect for other cultures there!

hygges boson particle

this thread, my god :smiley:

Over there : God knows.
Over here : Nebulous lifestyle bullshit.

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You only got a couple of cats because you thought it was hygge, pal.

well fucking hygge