Hygiene rating. Well you dine below five?


I’m not sure what this is a euphemism for, but: yes.

Sure, why not

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Because my wife won’t let you?


Yes, if I know why the rating is below five (eg one of our local ace restaurants had their inspection visit before they had opened properly on the day they were having a new boiler put in).


hygiene is touch move your fucking shits!


That would be a reason

yeah I don’t give a fuck

I guess so, yeah

who even checks this shit before they go somewhere?


It’s more takeaways that I am made to check

I wonder simply wear what?

I don’t think i’ve ever checked the rating anywhere i’ve been

It’s in the bleeding window!

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One of my favourite (cheap) places only has a 3. I can’t really face going back, but everywhere else is more expensive. Not sure what to do.

Ever caught typhoid from something you’ve eaten there?

If not, I’m sure it’s fine.

place near me did really nice food got a 1 recently

won’t be going back till that improves

Phew, for a moment there I thought you were disrespecting your partner.

You’ve got to wonder about a 1 or a 2, but otherwise fuck it.