Hymie's Basement

What the actual fuck?

A new song?

How has no-one mentioned this!?

The Hymie’s Basement album is one of my favourite’s of all time. Yoni Wolf when he was at his creative peak. What’s most interesting about this is how good it sounds. Haven’t heard Yoni do anything even halfway interesting in years, yet now he comes out with this!?

Hymie’s Basement = WHY? (Yoni Wolf) + Fog (Andy Broder)

Also, great opportunity to remind people about their debut (and only, to date) album

Inventing new cereals to expand their nation’s borders.


21st century pop song is one of my favs if all time (almost played it last round of music league)


I think someone mentioned it in the Bandcamp thread?

I love that album. They also released a live album which was limited to 100 copies, and which I was very lucky to be able to buy at a Subtle/Notwist/Fog gig many years ago. Would love to see a Hymie’s gig! Would be nice if they’re doing an album, but couldn’t tell if that’s the case or not based on what Yoni said.

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Rolling threads strike again


WHAT a combination

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I remember back when Andy was part of WHY?'s touring band they played 21st Century Pop song at Heaven. Was absolutely amazing.


Yep, they were one of my contenders for that round too! Either that song or You Die, but 21st Century would probably have done better.

Ha apologies that’s was me, one day I’ll create a thread just wasn’t sure on the interest.

I’m on a discord where Yoni does a Q&A once a month, last week he spoke about it briefly doing a recap on how the original happened. For the new track he said they’d bounced a few ideas around remote before meeting in person to do it but they tweaked it a fair bit. Said it’s more of a Broder track as he wrote the music and they toyed around with having a guest verse but Yoni did that part in the end.

When asked about an album or more music it only went as far as ‘we’ll do something at some point’

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Fucking love Hymie’s Basement, love this new song.

Reckon there’s newer Why? tracks that are great as well, like. Or just stuff Yoni’s been involved in

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Like this song, too late to add it to my other comment.

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I think this is it. Some stuff he’s produced or guested on over the last few years has been great, but whenever I get a Bandcamp notification about some new material he’s made on his own, I strap myself in for the worst.

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