Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) of hypnotherapy? I don’t mean having a spoon waved in front of your face at a show - but actual behavioural therapy stuff. Asking for a friend.

Do you know how many sessions it took? And is he the type of person to buy into this kind of thing?

I’ve had a little as part of my ongoing anxiety therapy. I’m not sure it worked too well for me but it was mostly based on visualising things and I literally cannot do that.

My therapist thinks I got into a deeply relaxed state with it once, but honestly I think I just fell asleep.

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Can you describe briefly how it works?

I.e what happens

I’m sure there are multiple ways of doing it but for me it was to start by lying down, asked to move my awareness to all the external sounds in my environment then bringing that focus back to me, then being guided through thinking about how each part of my body (steady) was being supported by the bed. That’s the intro.

After that it was to move my awareness through my body to search for anywhere I’m holding tension, then to try to imagine gathering that tension in my fingertips then releasing it as an object (this is where it stops working for me - if I don’t have full blown aphantasia, it’s pretty close). Then gradually being brought back into conscious awareness of my surroundings.

tl; dr have a nice lie down and a quiet think


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Thanks for that.

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anyone remember the show Big Kids where the parents kept turning into kids and they had to work out why and it turned out they had been to a hynpotists show called Ming and wheneveryone said a word with ‘ming’ in it they turned into kids


I mean we know we have a subconscious, and that it can be manipulated, it’s just a question of whether it’s very good yet.

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Yep! I had awful sleep problems when I was little. So my parents took me to a hypnotist and the next day I was cured!! WAAHH! Magic.

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Yes. I had hypnotherapy to cure my fear of flying after a previous employer bullied me into crying by questioning my fear of flying in front of the entire office. I assume he paid for this to stop me filing a serious complaint i dunno

I had 2 sessions where you sit in this comfy chair and this guy talks to you and the first session I felt like I did go “under” (probably just slept) but the second session i felt didn’t work.

This also did not cure my fear of flying AT ALL but I have listened to the recordings some times before flights. The problem is he mentions an ex boyfriend in the recording by being like “imagine you’re sitting on a beach with X” so it’s a bit…jarring now.

Also when I called my mum after I heard my dad in the background go “ASK HER IF SHE’S STILL GOT HER KNICKERS ON!!” - Thank you father.



Is it wrong that I laughed at this?

I think I’ll make sure I get a female for obvious reasons.

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Needs practice I think. Like meditation.

I hypnotised a mate once following a script, seemed to work.

My mum is half cured of her bird phobia by hypnosis. As in she can now walk through say Trafalgar Square whereas before she wouldn’t have gone anywhere near…

Not going to get a budgie anytime soon but definite progress!

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