Hypothectical Micheal Jackson

Say michael jackson hadnt died, do you think he could have had a credible future?

He was at a point where it was either complete failure or an excellent comeback. Ideally he needed a hit album to promote to remain relevant. Thats something he hadnt really had since Bad, which at the time in 2009 was over 20 years old. Everything since then was patchy or just plain poor. He needed to get with a producer and create something timeless sounding like thriller or off the wall, go back to using real intruments instead of that 90s sounding electronic pop sound he kinda created, that now sounds dated.

From the footage of the This is It documentary the show looked good but there was no way he could have got through 50 shows. Its a shame not even one was recorded in front of an audience.


he never made a good song whilst he was alive so I doubt it


Woah… A take that hot should be saved for later in a thread.


Reckon he would have tried to record, release he didn’t have anything good left and gone down the Vegas route of a greatest hits residency. All the late period unreleased stuff that came out after he died was REALLY bad.


Completely spent as an artistic force long before his death. There was no comeback to be had

A weak sauce Daft Punk collab global #1 sound of the summer would have happened but Pharrell got lucky instead

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You’re not even trying any more, mate.


i believe it

You Rock My World was as great a pop song as anything he released during his prime. That, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You and Rock With You were his best solo singles.

That’s about as much as i want to discuss him really because y’know…

Could’ve seen him collab’ing with Mark Kozelek

…in front of a sold out audience

Who was the real genius?

  • Michael Jackson
  • Quincy Jones
  • Billy Corgan

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Thought you meant Johnny instead of Las for a second there

Billy C is not my lover
He’s just a nature kid
Who thinks that the world is a vampire
Like I could give a fuck

think Mark has straight up referenced him being a child molester in a song from last year so I doubt it

Hypothetical Michael Jackson, you say?

Turns out that Sony made up some songs claiming to be by Jackson and released them under his name.