Hypothetical crossover sports people (bad thread title)


as an offshoot from the McGregor Mayweather shitshow, what sports do you reckon could move into another sport with relatively little training and be pretty good at it. I reckon you could shove a sumo wrestler into an american football offensive line and they’d be pretty ace at it


Rowing <> Cycling seems to have a few who have made the switch successfully.

Ashley Jackson is now an ice hockey player: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/behind-the-lines/2017/jul/19/ashley-jackson-olympics-hockey-ice-hockey-basingstoke-bison


I reckon that there are some horses who could make the switch from running to dancing or vice versa


Yeah, read a while back that ol’ wiggo was going for the olympic rowing team but dunno how he’s getting on?

Primos Roglic going from Ski Jumper to cyclist is a good’un


I reckon I could go from cycling to darts pretty easy. I won my leg at the pub last week. AFTER A RACE!!!

I’ll sign autographs from midday.


Pendleton went from the bike to the horse didn’t she?




there’s a reasonably strong lineage of pro cyclists coming from a downhill skiing background as well. greg lemond started as a skier. primoz roglic as well.


Rebecca Romero would probably be the most successful. Olympic silver medalist in the sculls and gold medalist on the bike.


That’s the summer biathlon, m9


Roglic was a jumper not a downhiller, no?


ah, you beat me to it!


I’ve always thought that sprinters would make good Bobsleigh riders


tennis > badminton


Darts —> Javelin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->





oh , you’re right. for some reason i thought he did downhill. maybe i’ve got mixed up with someone else.


There’s a bit in the west wing about putting a sumo wrestler in a ice hockey goal.


luge > bobsleigh


I think they go downhill for a bit before the jump normally