Hypothetical Poll Scenario Thread!1!1

Dogs cease to exist (disappear over night, nobody was aware they ever existed) and with them, the threat (or awful reality) of stepping in or seeing dogshit disappears too

  • I would take this
  • I want dogs everywhere

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You never get minor illnesses or ailments for the rest of your life (colds, heartburn) but you step on a plug once a week

  • plugs hurt! I’ll take my chances
  • I’ll step on a plug once a week

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You look great in everything you wear,every day.People comment on it! But once every 6 months your trousers/skirt/jodhpurs fall down in public

  • Look great and bi annual trouser drop
  • No way!
  • I already look great in everything I wear every day

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100% of DiSers look spectacular without trousers


I’d just stop wearing trousers then. I’ve beat the system.


I routinely walk about with my dress tucked into my pants so :woman_shrugging:

For the rest of your time at your current job your working day is shortened by 3 hours! 90 minutes of this gained time has to be spent watching 90s sitcom Keeping Up Appearances every single weekday

  • This sounds great, sign me up
  • Riiiicccchhhhaaarrrdddd, I hate this show and would not do this
  • U wot mate?

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Don’t recall hating the programme but I certainly don’t want to watch it for 90 min a day


couldn’t you just have a nap whilst it was on?

@Im_On_Safari is this allowed?

Absolutely not!

I find that programme quite funny, mainly because the father-in-law’s mom is basically Hyacinth Bucket.

Your current boss comes to live with you for 6 months! You share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Oh wow! He or she helps out with the cooking and shares control of the tv. If you have a family, they live with them too! At the end of this 6 months you get 4 times what you would have normally earned.

  • I would do this
  • I would not do this
  • I wouldn’t even contemplate this
  • I would contemplate this!

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Hypothetically, you’re going to a wedding tomorrow and one of the guests is someone off the telly. You admire them a lot and liked the show they were on, and fancy them a bit and basically want to be best pals with them for the night.

You also know that they’re currently in a niche play that is about a worthy subject, so you could impress them with this knowledge (because no doubt they just get asked about the huge TV show they were on) OR possibly alarm them and make you seem like a megastalker.

Is it cool to HYPOTHETICALLY try to be mates with this person

  • Approach and say you’re a fan, ask for a selfie
  • Leave them alone entirely, it’s a private wedding and it’s not fair on them you asswipe
  • Approach them as if you don’t know who they are and just act dead casual
  • Say you appreciate their work if you happen to end up in the same conversation at some point but don’t make a big deal out of it
  • Grab them by the wrist and excitedly tell them that you have the exact same initials AND birthdate as their former on-screen husband, and say what an amazing coincidence it is and ask to be best friends for life
  • Stop being weird

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I prefer it when people use the fourth option when they meet me. Easily the least awkward for both parties.

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