Hypothetical question about the social benefits of work

For same day delivery of groceries and pretty much everything else I use Amazon Prime. And you can afford that with what you’re saving on commuting costs.

I work at home. I don’t see anyone or really leave the house each day. It can take its toll. Planning on buying our own place soon though which means I can get a dog. That’ll make a huge difference to my sanity.

Also, I spend a lot of time on WhatsApp posting shit to my friends because I’m starved of human contact.

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Nah. Whilst a large proportion of my working day is spent getting people to leave me the fuck alone, I still wouldn’t swap it for being what is essentially under house arrest.

Mine isn’t. I can go outside whenever I want, within reason.

Appreciate not everyone’s job affords them this though, which is why I’ll hold back from criticising your metaphor wholesale.

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This basically amounts to “can you bear your job”

could easily do it for 6 months - a year maybe. probably longer but would reevaluate after that.

Am I allowed to pick my son up from school?

this is basically what twitch streamers* do, and lots of them get burned out and exhausted after a while (lots don’t too).

(people who record and broadcast themselves playing games all day on the internet)

if you’re looking for excuses to get out of doing that, I don’t think this will cut the mustard

yeah, but they’re playing computer games for 18 hours at a time. This isn’t part of MY contract!!!