Hypothetical scenario yes/no

So you win the Lottery but you’re only allowed to spend your winnings on sweets. You can buy the finest sweets in the land (eg. King-sized Mars bar, airport Tolberones). However everybody would know about your win, you’d become a minor celebrity and have to put up with Willy Wonka/Bertie Bassett jokes. Your dentist would also make your life hell.

  • Yes, I’d like that
  • No!

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Am I allowed to sell the sweets on and use that money for other stuff?

Just sell the sweets innit


Thanks for backing me up Smee.

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Above scenario but with booze. You can legitamately walk into a pub and shout “the drinks are on me!”. However people will hassle you for drinks wherever you go forever.

  • Yes
  • No

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No black-marketering of sweets! This is not Grange Hill

Depends how much the winnings are.

I’ll always have the free stuff

Changed my vote.

Don’t want an army, they’d turn on me very quickly.

Probably would end up spending a fair whack of it on booze if I genuinely did win the lottery, I’m sorry to say.

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Be a bit useless at shooting, driving tanks in a straight line etc.

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Just say no

Now that I like.

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Answered a firm and strong No without hesitation, would reconsider if a) you could tangibly build a house from sweets or b) there’s any type of sweet that has enough nutritional value to be able to aid starvation and food poverty. Like could you sustain an impoverished malnourished population if you only could provide Snickers/Bounty/(insert vaguely nutritional/high protein type of sweet)

but otherwise winning the lottery with the condition of only being able to buy sweets sounds worse that water torture

Actually you’d have to buy the tanks out of your own pocket. Get them bikes instead

Not allowed. Read the OP you booze-addled chump.

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Would you not worry that they were only with you for the bottomless booze?

Hansel and Gretel witch managed it although she isn’t real

I’ll have a cider please, let me get the keys to my tractor.