Hypothetical Scenario



It’s the afternoon on a sunny day.

You’re walking down a concrete pavement. The pavement is in pretty good condition, nice wide slabs, laid nice and level, maybe two metres across to the roadside. It’s pretty clean too, with an absence of litter.

There are not many people around. You’re in no hurry although you do have a destination in mind.

Up ahead, perhaps ten metres away, you notice a pebble on the pavement. The pebble is about three cm in diameter and is smooth and is best described as shaped like an oblate spheroid. It’s in your path, roughly centrally placed on the pavement.

What is your course of action?


Hoof it!


Boot that fucker


Ignore it



Do nothing.


I’m liking the answers so far, although more detail would be appreciated.




check inventory




kill japes




It might injure an inattentive child cyclist and put them off cycling for life!


Its a trap!


I’d use the outside of my boot and put some swazz on it


That’s more like it! NB you are allowed to invent other objects in the scenario, targets perhaps?

No votes so far for attempting to dribble it down the street in the manner of Diego Maradona’s famous second goal against England at the 1986 World Cup.



Nah, no targets would just smash it and then move on with my life.


Step around it. Wouldn’t want to scuff my creps


When in this situation with the TV I’ll try and kick the pebble into her stride so she inadvertently plays a “one-two” with me. I know this is a slightly different hypothetical but I think it’s tangentially relevant.