Hypothetical TV overlord


Hi all.

You have the power to force everyone to watch 10 minutes of TV. What are you showing them?

For me it’s the Water episode of Look Around You.


The At The Drive-In performances on Jools Holland where you see him and Robbie Williams looking a bit bemused at the whole thing.


You could fit that in about 2 or 3 times in 10 minutes too




can i film my bum and show them that?


Some of the sky news reenactments of the Michael Jackson trial that they showed as it happened, largely because I want to see them again but have never been able to find the footage on the internet.


Not sure I can top this piece of perfection. Maybe the maths episode (Imhotep was invisible).

But on further thought maybe C’etait un Rendezvous


The first 10 minutes of this:


japes’ bum


This x4


This is only 59 secs long… so this, 10 times.



Ah shit, it’s not a tv show is it? Still.




Tim & Eric - The Tairy Greene Machine episode


This is:


Is this guy’s voice what Cartman in the WoW South Park was based on?


This was amazing. Thank you.

Hahaaaaa the very last line.


No no no. I only like the ang lee classic. All other Jane Austen can get tae. But thanks! It is TV at least.


Could I alternate this with McCoy Tyner ignoring Jools’ attempts to stop him playing? Guy Garvey stands around looking embarrassed as the camera sweeps the room and McCoy keeps going.