Hypothetical what would you do polls

You’re getting back to your office with your lunch in a paper bag. It’s raining so you are going to eat at your desk.You need a wee, the toilets are on the ground floor, your office is on the 2nd floor, the lift is broken. Do you…

  • Set your lunch down outside the toilets, quick wee, pick it up as you leave
  • Take your lunch into the toilets with you
  • Go upstairs, drop your lunch off at your desk, come back down for a wee, go back up to eat
  • Hold it in, go upstairs to eat your lunch, then back down
  • Other

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I would’ve had a whizz before I left the office.


My answer may be clouded by the fact that our loos have a shelf in them that you can use to put things on.

You had to go to the bank and pick up a birthday card for your mother in law before buying lunch, so couldn’t foresee this issue arising

My bank doesn’t sell birthday cards.


abandons post

I nearly edited that iron you scamp

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:wink: I see where you’re coming from. My answer in the poll still sticks. Got a weird thing about taking food into the toilets. Though I do remember having a poo and a cig in a toilet at the same time in a club one time, that was very grim.

I once did too much [redacted] and had to do a really big poo in silk road in Colchester, stood up to flush, got the spins and threw up on it


:grimacing: the circle of life


Question: if I take my food into the toilet with me, do I have to piss all over it? Because I feel that is heavily implied by the question.


Rejected destinys child lyrics


Feel free to set up your own polls folks

I couldn’t care less what you do tbh

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This is hypothetical niki, there is a toilet on my floor

That’s just the floor.

You’ve brought in lunch from home, a few slices of leftover pide. This isn’t really enough for “lunch”. Do you:

  • buy another full lunch
  • eat a shitload of snacks
  • get some lovely warming soup to go with the pide
  • go hungry

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Normal answer would be snacks or soup. Friday answer is full new lunch, fuck it

annoyingly I could have taken more pide but I wasn’t thinking straight this morning because a bit hungover

Gutted. But at least there’ll be some when you get home?