If you were a national level runner, at televised athletics events when the athletes are being introduced, what would your ‘thing’ be? Coy nod to the camera? That archer thing Fernando Torres used to do?

The temptation to dab would be too great, I think.


finger guns


glum face, move hand over mouth, move hand back down to reveal beaming smile


do rabbit ears or wanker signs behind other contenders backs


I’d mime eating a haggis toastie. Rub my stomach, fake chewing, the whole 9 yards.






actually, actually, it might be a variation on the emile heskey ‘DJ’ thing.


Run the Jewels.



along the lane lines.


Or maybe tap the shoulder of the athlete standing next to me and do this:


I’d go for a wink


Until the camera’s passed.


slow, disapproving shake of the head


Somebody genuinely did that in the world championships the other day. I think it was an American


pretend to walk down stair case, down out of the camera shot




Probably Austin style double-middle fingers or some other constant display of loathing for the media and fans