I actually think Monica seemed happier when she was with Richard

Than with Chandler

Rachel deserves better than Ross

Could she have been any happier

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rachel and chandler 4eva

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and joey

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I think Monica seemed happier when she was with Michel

Don’t joke!

Finger twitches


you’ve gone mad with power

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  • Smug, “my life is terrible because my parent is trans and I can’t have sex with women way out of my league” Chandler Bing
  • Smug, “my life is great and I am now wise with age and will impart my aged wisdom whenever I choose” Chandler Bing

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greatest tv moment of all time?

Yeah but

deep down, Monica never truly believed that she deserved the happiness she had with Richard and that Chandler was all she was worth


I thought she had the most fun with Pete.

No!!! Take that back immediately!!!

Of course she did. Richard was her ideal man. They only split because of her desire to start a family and his reluctance. When he comes back you can see how much she still loves him