I actually think Monica seemed happier when she was with Richard

Yeah Pete was minted

Talking point - given the age difference, and given his history with her family (very close to her dad, watched her grow up), was the relationship with Richard essentially unsustainable?

That may be true but she could have been even more happier if hank azaria had not had to move to Russia


Darn I love that song.

Oh my God!

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It wasn’t just unsustainable, it was downright creepy.

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And then she fucks his son!

Ross is great!


you forget were talking about Tom Selleck, TOM SELLECK!

Always thought Hank Azaria was perfect for Phoebe. Paul Rudd always seemed like a bit of a prick to the rest of the group.

They deserved it most of the time, tbf.

Paul Rudd was a massive prick. Divorced within 5 years guaranteed.

“Hey Paul Rudd, do that invisible piano thing you fucking prick”

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So, why didn’t she leave Chandler?

It wasnt in the script