I almost choked on my doughnut at my desk (BANAL!)

Now i’m feeling really sad that I don’t want to die from choking at my desk on a doughnut. I don’t usually eat treats like that at my desk because I don’t feel like its a treat because the setting is shit

What you up to?

sounds like a snack to me.


Just got two bits of work to do before I can leave. Both boring as fuck though so I’m dicking about on the internet.

Just been discussing my idea for a new punctuation mark with colleagues. Didn’t get much uptake, but I’m sure it’s got legs.

Oh shit, are you alright? :frowning:

I once nearly choked on a grape and it was pretty brutal :confused: Especially because I was on my own when it happened. It’s okay though, it managed to squeeze itself down. My friend, when she lived alone, got stuck in a dress and when trying to wiggle out of it managed to somehow punch herself in the face giving herself a bloody nose. She rung me up afterwards convinced she was going to die alone in her flat found weeks later having had her face eaten by the cat.


What kind of doughnut was it?


I’m proofreading a bunch of medical students’ feedback and currently trying to work out what the sentence, “forgot to say would do dre” is supposed to mean. Apart from the fact the motherfucker is clearly acting like they forgot about dre.

just had a raspberry choux bun

really shouldn’t have eaten it because i have eaten total shit today

just sent my yodel delivery driver a text to say hi please can you either deliver it to a neighbour or wait until 6.30pm when i’ll be in (very very exciting parcel of bike shoes, socks, gt-85 and degreaser)

these are incredible

t minus 54 minutes til beer o’clock

Vegan chocolate ganache from crosstown :heart_eyes:

Too hungover for beers tonight
It’s love island and sofa time

I’m just about not hungover enough that I now want a beer

Also, work had a pub quiz last night and my team came second and won a bottle of prosecco, so we’re gonna pop that at half 4! :smiley: :champagne:

if i was going to go, i’d be happy enough going with a doughnut in my mouth

“he died doing what he loved, shoving food down his throat as fast as possible”



At a co-working day and actually getting some work done plus met the real life @Twinkletoes


… eek, I’m having misguided worries about this hen do tomorrow only because there’s a couple people I haven’t seen for years going, we just lost touch. Can someone tell me to stop being stupid please.

This made legit my day :slightly_smiling_face:
Meeting DiSers is always great!