I am in Treatz

Yeah we have a Creams and a Kaspas too

Treatz is the best rated of the 3

4314 days ago, you swore you’d never go to another restaurant that used a z in place of an s, and now I just don’t know what to think.


Nerf gun

Pls show us some exciting desserts (that’s what this is about yh?)


if I didn’t drink, I think I’d be the kind of guy to hang out at dessert/milkshake type places. very much my vibe.

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People were supposed to guess!

Right I’ll narrow it down.

I ordered a crepe with 3 toppings

Biscoff… Peany b… Chocolate sauce?

:x: :x: :heavy_check_mark:(melted milk chocolate)

  • I don’t know what these are either
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How about some Clarky Cat?


Will you settle for some Yellow Bentines?

As long as they make me feel blooty!

Banana split?