I am listening to... [new rolling listening thread]

(because I had all my old posts and the other one I made deleted didn’t I)

got this on repeat right now. I want to learn it.

big fan of this Alasdair Roberts version, too

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Silly Sisters is an all time classic me Mum and Dad had it on vinyl. The session musicians are amazing on it and all.

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Today has been

(Quite a lot for 7am. Still not sure what I think; not as good as Varmints but it’s really growing on me)

(It’s fine but I don’t see what everyone else does in this band, sorry)

(Like this more each time I listen to it, but not as much as Ultimate Painting or Mazes - although I accept he’s going for something different here)

(This is really good, although I miss the more explicit YLT ripoffs the last album had)

(Lots of very good songs but I’m not sure it hangs together that well - the problem of multiple songwriters forming a band I guess)


ahh nice :slight_smile: you from folky stock, then?

my mum used to hang out in folk clubs in the 60s and early 70s, although she lapsed when she had kids. I was playing her the JT version of that song and she recognised the tune, though.

I only just listened for the first time the other day and I’m stuck on that particular tune because I love it so much.

aw man. I really want to listen to some of the Duke, but there is so much and I forget where I’m supposed to start.

I wish I had a piano :frowning:


Yep I am. I’m sure I’ve seen them do Silly Sisters stuff about 20 years ago when Maddy Prior was touring her Christmas Carole albums. June Tabor turned up and they did a few songs.

If we’re going for June Tabor stuff this album and this song in particular.

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yeah, I find a lot of earlier jazz too cornball? the best earlier stuff is the really pretty stuff, the stuff that veers closer to classical, imo. Duke, Gershwin, y’know?

makes sense that Debussy was a big influence, figure my subconscious knew that before you making it explicit rn… the little glissandos, the elegantly faltering feel - letting it breathe, like the normal rhythms of wandering around with something on your mind, heavy in your heart, etc.

I’m out of practise hearing and picking out chords and stuff. wanna get back into it tho. I just had a crack at my own take on the tune in the OP.


nice! thank you for this. I do love a bit of accordion/etc.

Feelin’ flutey


This keeps being on

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I’m reading a book by chico buarque too but I’ll save it for the book thread

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Forgot what a total ear worm this track is - also had the whole album on earlier and it’s vv enjoyable

I wish I knew other languages I bet it doubles the fun.

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Current albums doing the rounds on my phone:

Self Esteem / Compliments Please
Nina Simone / To Love Somebody
David Devant & His Spirit Wife / Cut Out and Keep Me
Trentemoller / Obverse
Babybird / Photosynthesis
Jefferson Airplane / Surrealistic Pillow

You don’t get much from any Big Thief stuff? I’d have thought you’d be a nailed-on convert

They’ve never done much for me.

I think it’s the vocal style, I can never get on with that slightly child-like style.

Fair play, nothing is as off-putting as a voice you don’t enjoy. Part of the reason Bjork will never really be for me I think.

Still, Mythological Beauty at least is one of the best songs of the decade and needs recognised as such.

The chord progression at 0:42 and the use of registers in the resolution is so Debussian, it’s lush. Really lovely interpretation of his style, can’t believe I’ve never heard this before @anon26275971, it’s great



Blood on the Tracks
Tindersticks 2nd Album
Simon and Garfunkel best of.
And a tiny bit of U.F.O.F

I quite like the vocal style, just don’t think they have many really good songs