I am listening to... [new rolling listening thread]

Making wfh better by digging out some old favourites

First two RK albums are near perfect imho. Sorta staggering the cliff they fell off afterwards. This is so good though, the sound of empty highways and American suburbia at the turn of the millennium. Jenny Lewis is so fierce on this; “they say California is a receipe for a black hole / I say I’ve got my best shoes on”. Just the best.

Somewhere I have the original Fierce Panda CD issue of this. Think I bought it cos both Kerrang and NME slagged it off for being twee? Glad I did anyway. Just a lovely set of small town snapshots. Definitely vibed with the me of 2002, living in a small town.

Plus listening to some new stuff

Rocketship have been on my radar for forever (classic US indie pop band) but I’ve never really listened to them before. This is good though. All over the place stylistically but it manages to work.

lovely stuff.

trying unsuccessfully to spot myself in the crowd scenes near the end, and reminiscing of the olden days when you could go to gigs, in the long distant days of late January

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@NeilYoung Jerry Garcia on this cut, man

I was listening to Les Savy Fav on my trip towards the supermarket.

Such a great band.


Thoroughly into this

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the bass sound on this is so dank I love it

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ooh. transportive.

stupendous cover

Getting R into this too. Might be a stepping stone for me getting to play minimalist stuff without getting shouted down I reckon.

Been going through some old music on a hard drive, and found the first Tubelord album. Still a good 'un.

I am listening to… Stereolab - ABC Music

A brilliant compilation of their BBC sessions over the years.

what a huge banger


just remembered this


can imagine this being on Anima

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wow remember when youtube looked like that

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Listening to the wedding playlist @ChorizoPasta knocked me up. Wall to wall bangers


Bopping to this one currently. New Baby Chaos!

did someone on dis recommend this? Had it saved in Spotify but can’t remember why. Afro club fusion, aka the absolute business.

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Who likes drums?


She’s just incomparable