I am listening to... [new rolling listening thread]

My tension headaches have disappeared


The start was deffo in the first 2 games, but it’s been sped up and looped at different points. Innarestin

read an interview with this duo, thought i’d check out the project the guy produced

  • I was aware the guy from tigers jaw went on to be an emo rapper starting a collective that involved lil peep
  • I was not aware of that
  • dunno who tigers jaw are pal

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fuck knows why i’ve only just got into this, but it’s ‘my cup of tea’ at the moment

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I’m not one to binge bands usually but I cannot stop listening to The Mars Volta. All other music does absolutely nothing for me this week.

A great one from each album:

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really into this now, does just sound like a bleaker tigers jaw

A real treat, this

today’s listening has been

this weird video I found about via @sheeldz on Twitter and the Twoism forum - fascinating weird Boards of Canada Petscop referencing thing (i.e. certified manchnip). Only listened to half of it cause m8 it’s long as af


sick live album c/o @BifoIsou, w a strong Cap’n Jazz-ish energy and an absolute belter of a finale


reminded me of how good tigers jaw are

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Ayy glad you like it!! And good job you think the last track’s a belter what with it being 2/3s of the album

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Loving the new Cornershop album. Can’t resist a well-deployed flute :slight_smile:

Gonna listen to this (and the rest of the EP) afterwards:

Tigers Jaw are great.

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Wasted Shirt

These are my jams at the moment.


Think this is my favourite thing PG has done, absolutely adore it.

What a tune