I am OPing the evening thread

Does anyone feel that microwaves are taking the piss a bit? Like they could heat food up faster if they wanted to.


I barely use microwaves so I have little to no opinion on this matter, apologies Smee.

I’m about to go and buy a horrendous amount of alcohol as I can’t buy any tomorrow. Twelve cans for one day maybe? And a bottle of wine?


How to microwave Christmas is a fantastic title for basically anything. I would listen to any album, read any book etc called that.


Nobody needs a microwave anymore tbh.

Gonna do a double bill of masterchef, eat burgers, drink 2.5 beers and fall asleep tbh.

My microwave is 700w, some stuff only has instructions for 800w upwards, so mine could definitely be faster. I say mine, it doesn’t belong to me.

Nah it belongs to the 80s!!!

It was acceptable then.


I made fudge in the microwave once when I was a kid. It was terrible and gritty, and I used way too much green food colouring, but I forced myself to eat the lot out of pure stubbornness.

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My mum was a HE teacher and we never had a microwave in my house. Moving away from home made beans easier

evening all

Yes, pure essence of frog.

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It’s limited by the boiling point of water, you flannel.

I’m off out in a bit to stalk internet celebrity @thewarn, be starstruck by @shucks’ beard, and maybe catch a bit of popular beat combo Funky Monkeys.


I’ve made a list of my 150 favourite psychedelic rock albums, which became a playlist of 149 smashing psychedelic rock songs. I’m listening to it now - it’s boss.


fucking hell custard cremes are great


Beans in the microwave is a crime I’m sorry


Cheers for the invite @overthehill

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Fucking hell, they’re not on until ten. TEN.

I’m too old for this shit.

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Go home and have a nap.

Mate I’ve not even left the house yet.

Remember when my parents first got a microwave, baked apples email every night for weeks…My Dad tried to make meringue in it once, was a big failure.

Away this week with an awful oven, over half hour to do a pizza…

I reckon kettles could boil faster if they tried tbh