I am saddened to announce

I am allergic to Dr Pepper Zero
Have bought it last 3 lunch breaks in a row and have had a terrible headache after drinking it every time.

At least we will have the memories of the times I used to drink it at lunch at work and some other times.

Let us share our memories of Dr Pepper Zero in this thread.

No baby comments about it tasting like marzipan water

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Tastes like fizzy Benilyn Zero

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I was not from a family that believed in benylin, so I cannot compare

Definitely the best Zero drink in the Coca-Cola Schweppes product range.

tbf standard Dr Pepper has survived the low sugar transition better than most fizzy pops. Only get a slither of that awful aspertame taste, unlike the majority of others.

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Real shame. What’re you putting this allergy down to man, just getting older and that?

I had a normal Dr Pepper on Sunday for the first time in many, many years.

my body rejecting me

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have never consumed full sugar drinks. Once in a blue moon I may have a ‘coke’

I’m on your body’s side, Dr Pepper is rank

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how was your head afterwards?

Lucky you. Most of them taste fucking terrible post sugar tax. You’ve never tasted the highs, man, you’ll not taste the lows.


might have a coke

Cloudy but painless

I have no idea what other drinks could be affected at this point tbh. Aldi fizzy elderflower and something seems to be ok

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I don’t think you have enough data to confirm it’s an allergy.

Maybe the shop has a gas leak.
Maybe the CIA are testing non lethal weapons on you.
Maybe it’s a coincidence.

You should explore all possibilities, what’s the worst that could happen?

Me and my friend Chris used to drink Dr. Pepper and eat walkers prawn cocktail flavour crisps while playing pro evo after school in year 9 and 10

I think Dr P is still drinkable. 7up is not.

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sounds wondrous

Really hope they’re going to bring the original recipes back as ‘Premium’ versions or whatever in a couple of years time. I’ll pay £5 a can I don’t care.

Thought the sugar tax just meant they cost more. Have the recipes changed for COKE?