I am saddened to announce

Think I’ve finally kicked my Coke habit, mustbe 2 or 3 months without. Well, I’m sure I’ve done longer without before but this feels more sustainable this time for some reason.

I wouldn’t know, I’m Coca-Cola brand loyal.

Although I’ll tell you what ain’t too bad. Red Bull have had another go at Cola (Organics Cola or something) and it’s rather delicious. No aspertame either. I’m digging it.

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so you’re saying maybe it’s the monster size flat white and the 5 cups of tea through the course of the day before the Dr P? or the CIA

Coca-Cola hasn’t changed the recipe. But most of them have - they’re now reduced sugars mixed with sweeteners. Look at the sugar content of a can next time you have one - they’re way down.

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a silent extinction beyond the Dr Pepper Zero


it does only mean they cost more but no one would buy a drink that cost more money so they changed the recipes

I’ve noticed Tesco have downsized from 0.5l coke bottle to 0.375l ones for the same price as non-sugar tax drinks.

Do it for me, Im_On_Safari. Do it for Dr. Pepper Zero

Part of the reason I buy Dr P is I am not sure all the other drinks are included in the co-op meal deal. Like the purdeys one. Is that included?

pretty sure allergies work where if you do more of it you become immune. So just another 6 months of these quite awful headaches and I will be able to have something I quite like, pain free

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Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla is where it’s at

Which is a positive thing, admittedly. In Australia in particular it has been shown that sugar taxation has played a major role in reducing fizzy drink consumption. If it has a similar impact in the UK then I’m all for it.

What I lament is the fact that the original recipe drinks are no longer available at a higher price point. I treat myself to a can of pop once a week or so and I’ll happily pay more.

blimey. Sounds like there is quite a lot going on there!
Worth a migraine?

can’t fault that logic

tried to get a meal deal in the coop and it was fuckin chaos

some yoghurts were included, some weren’t. all mixed together. they had bits of cheese and chicken skewers instead of crisps. didn’t know what was happening, had to get out of there.

never been back.

Worth a coma m9

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Such a fantastic ugly can as well

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looks like you’re going to the circus

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