I am so punk that I:

please provide examples of how punk you are thank you

i am so punk that i won’t click on the first few google search results that say “ad” next to them even if they go to the website i want, but will scroll down to one that doesn’t say “ad” in the belief that i am costing them money


Often put vegetables and bakery items through tezzbots’ self-service as lower priced items


sometimes I run out of shower gel and I use shampoo on my (sexy) body as well as my hair

What? You’ll cost them money if you click the ads, not the other way round.

Do any of you have full punk licences? I’d tread carefully here before you get into trouble with the law.


Very rarely wash my legs with anything other than water (no soap)


Am attending a £2,000 weekend camp with gourmet food and helping frank Turner write a new song


Starred in the Harry Potter films as whatever that one ginger kid is called

idgaf i’m too punk

hey guys let’s talk about totally illegal punk things we did in as much detail as possible. #lovecrime #beingpunkisrad

Stacy soloron

Once put some closed-cup mushrooms through as onions at a self-service checkout.

when the recipe says eg. 1 tsp cumin i always put in loads more than that


You’re helping the companies you corporate shill!

Almost never cross the road at the lights.

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Just stand there


if no one clicks their ads, google’ll go bust eventually.

just wait, i’m playing the long game.

So you did get that police job.

haha no of course not, i wouldn’t still be posting here about my illegal activies with you fellow criminals, would i? #hatepolice #lovecrime