I am so punk that I:

So bleak.

I mean, it’s starting on the back foot because what the fuck even is seitan, but jeez, that is a burger of infinite sadness.

One of my passwords at work has got a swear word in it


Just even as a basic thing, i’m paying like £10 for this burger, how dare you give me a BROWN avocado. I was livid at that alone let alone the other shit.

Old Blue Last
£5 / £4 NUS


Sometimes I don’t change my bedding each week

fucking hell :smile: which one was it at? every one of their food places seems to shut down every month and try a totally different tack

i’ve had seitan burritos / fajitas that have been amazing

also loads of it in the US of A in chinese places, a lot more popular over there. they use it as fake duck. :duck:

Hail seitan :metal:


You’re going to be so disappointed to find out what the burger is called on the BrewDog menu.

Seitan on the 'Dog of the Bay?


Mainstream burger for capitalists?

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“wheat gluten patty on bread roll”

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just started eating my lunch even though it’s not 12 yet


regularly play in punk bands

never seen or read any harry potter

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I’m about to eat vegetable soup that is two days past its use-by date


I’ve never even heard of it

deleted my Facebook app from my phone the other day

But I still go on it using a web browser…and I still have the Messenger app installed

once drunk a brewdog beer.

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…put an extra item into the ‘Four Kids Meal Items’ bag at our recent visit to a National Trust property. It was a Babybel, thanks for asking.

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