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this has been even worse than i expected


But I couldn’t see
That the thread was on me


We’re pleased to present you the new denovali online record store newsletter.


The latest update includes new records of Apparat Β· Soundtracks Boxset, Kadavar Β· The Isolation Tapes (Limited Premium Edition), London Grammar , Balmorhea, Max Richter, Fire!, The Future Sounds Of London, Benny Sings, Caoilfhionn Rose, Deftones Β· White Pony (20th anniversary), Grandbrothers, Avishai Cohen, Motorpsycho, Blood Wizard, Dry Cleaning, The Still, CKTRL, La Femme, Roger Fakhr, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Jordan Rakei, Earthless, Nebula, Guided By Voices, Rone, Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek, Thomas Fehlmann, Dag Rosenqvist, Arnaud Rebotini, Baby Woodrose, new Soundtracks (Michel Magne Β· Don Juan 1973 OST, John Paesano Β· Marvel’s Spider-Man, Jeff Russo Β· Star Trek Discovery) & more

Restock & Reissues: Peter Murphy, Bicep Β· Isles (Limited Deluxe Neon-Orange Version), Hudson Mohawke, John Frusciante Β· Maya, Parcels, Phoebe Bridgers, Kenji Kawai Β· Ghost In The Shell OST, John Coltrane, King Krule, Bonobo, Thundercat

Still new: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lana Del Rey, Zeal & Ardor, The Antlers, A Winged Victory For The Sullen

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den343 | Saffronkeira with Paolo Fresu - In Origine: The Field Of Repentance
den344 | Subheim Β· Ξ ΞŸΞ›Ξ™Ξ£
den345 | Mansur Β· Karma
den346 | Eraldo Bernocchi & Hoshiko Yamane Β· Mujo
den347 | The Eye Of Time Β· Acoustic II
den348 | Origamibiro Β· Miscellany
den350 | LTO Β· Daea
den354 | Dalhous Β· The Composite Moods Collection Vol.2: Point Blank Range
den361 | Dictaphone Β· Goats & Distortions 5
available formats: Cd Β· Vinyl Β· Digital

Thanks a lot.



A.A. Williams Β· Songs From Isolation (Black & White Swirl Edition) 12’’ [26.00€]
Amiina Β· FantΓ΄mas 2x12’’ [25.00€]
Anne Guthrie Β· Gyropedie 12’’ [20.00€]
Aphex Twin Β· Selected Ambient Works 85-92 2x12’’ [26.00€]
Apparat Β· LP5 (Limited pink edition) 12’’ [25.00€]
Apparat Β· Soundtracks (Limited Boxset) 4x12’’ [70.00€]
Arab Strap Β· As Days Get Dark 12’’ [25.00€]
Arnaud Rebotini Β· Shiny Black Leather 12’’ [15.00€]
Avishai Cohen Β· Two Roses (feat. Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra) 2x12’’ [27.00€]
Baal & Mortimer Β· The Torso Tapes 12’’ [22.50€]
Baby Woodrose Β· Love Comes Down (Limited Blue Vinyl) 12’’ [21.00€]
Balmorhea Β· The Wind 2x12’’ [27.00€]
Balmorhea Β· The Wind Cd [18.50€]
Bartees Strange Β· Live Forever (Limited Black + Bone & Red Splatter Vinyl) 12’’ [23.00€]
Belle & Sebastian Β· Tigermilk 12’’ [21.00€]
Benny Sings Β· Music 12’’ [22.00€]
Bicep Β· Isles (Limited Deluxe Neon-Orange Version) 3x12’’ [34.00€]
Bicep Β· S/t 2x12’’ [26.50€]
Blonde Redhead Β· Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (20th Anniversary) 12’’ [26.00€]
Blood Wizard Β· Western Spaghetti (Limited Blood Red Vinyl) 12’’ [26.00€]
Boards Of Canada Β· The Campfire Headphase 2x12’’ [23.50€]
Bob Dylan Β· Essential Works: 1961-1962 (Limited Edition) 2x12’’ [27.50€]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore Β· Black Earth 2x12’’ [27.00€]
Bonnie Mercer & YLP Β· Old Moon, New Moon / The Image of 36 12’’ [25.00€]
Bonobo Β· Days To Come 2x12’’ [21.00€]
Bonobo Β· One Offs Remixes & B-Sides 2x12’’ [21.00€]
Brant Bjork Β· Jalamanta 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Brian Jonestown Massacre Β· My Bloody Underground 2x12’’ [24.50€]
Calexico Β· Seasonal Shift (Limited Heavyweight Violet Edition) 12’’ [24.00€]
Can Β· Ege Bamyasi 12’’ [23.00€]
Caoilfhionn Rose Β· Truly (Limited Colored Edition) 12’’ [24.00€]
Caoilfhionn Rose Β· Truly Cd [17.50€]
Causa Sui Β· Pewt’r Session 3 12’’ [21.50€]
Causa Sui Β· Return To Sky 12’’ [24.00€]
Celeste Β· Not Your Muse 12’’ [25.50€]
Chantal Acda Β· Saturday Moon 12’’ [21.00€]
Christian LΓΆffler Β· Graal (Prologue) 12’’ [19.00€]
Citizen Β· Life in Your Glass World (Limited Colored Vinyl) 12’’ [23.00€]
Clipping. Β· Visions of Bodies Being Burned 2x12’’ [29.00€]
Dag Rosenqvist Β· VrΓ₯en Centrum 12’’ [23.00€]
Dave Brubeck Β· The Essential Works 1954-1962 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Deftones Β· Adrenaline 12’’ [20.00€]
Deftones Β· White Pony (20th anniversary) Boxset 4x12’’ [52.50€]
Drab Majesty Β· Modern Mirror (Limited Clear Vinyl) 12’’ [23.00€]
DRAMAS Β· S/t 12’’ [21.00€]
Driftmachine Β· Spume & Recollection 12’’ [21.00€]
Duke Ellington Β· Money Jungle (Tone Poet Vinyl) 12’’ [32.00€]
Earthless Β· Live in the Mojave Desert Vol.1 (Limited Gold Edition) 2x12’’ [36.50€]
Ela Minus Β· Acts Of Rebellion (Limited Silver Vinyl) 12’’ [24.00€]
Erik Hall Β· Music for 18 Musicians (Steve Reich) 12’’ [24.00€]
Father John Misty Β· Fear Fun 12’’ [21.00€]
Fire! Β· Defeat 12’’ [26.00€]
Floating Points / Pharoah Sanders / London Symphony Orchestra Β· Promises Cd [16.00€]
Flock of Dimes Β· Head of Roses (Loser Edition) 12’’ [22.00€]
Friedberg Β· Yeah Yeah Yeah EP (Limited Colored Vinyl) 12’’ [18.00€]
Fumio Itabashi / Henrik Schwarz / Kuniyuki Β· Watarase 12’’ [20.00€]
Future Islands Β· In Evening Air 12’’ [26.00€]
Future Sound Of London Β· Dead Cities (2021 Reissue) 2x12’’ [27.50€]
GAS Β· Rausch 2x12’’ [25.00€]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Β· G_d’s Pee At State’s End! Cd [16.50€]
Goldmund Β· The Time It Takes (Limited Orange Vinyl) 12’’ [24.00€]
Grandbrothers Β· All The Unknown 2x12’’ [26.00€]
Hermann Nitsch Β· Orgien Mysterien Theater Β· 25. Aktion 12’’ [27.00€]
Hildur Gudnadottir Β· Chernobyl (Music From The HBO Miniseries) OST 12’’ [23.00€]
Hudson Mohawke Β· Hudson’s Heeters Vol.1 12’’ [23.50€]
IDLES Β· Joy As An Act Of Resistance 12’’ [23.00€]
Il Quadro di Troisi (Eva Geist & Donato Dozzy) Β· S/t 12’’ [23.00€]
James McAlister Β· Scissortail 12’’ [22.00€]
James Welburn Β· Sleeper in the Void 12’’ [23.00€]
Jeff Russo Β· Star Trek Discovery OST 2x12’’ [36.00€]
Joe Lovano Β· Garden Of Expression 12’’ [22.00€]
John Carpenter Β· Skeleton / Unclean Spirit (Limited Blood Red Vinyl) 12’’ [23.00€]
John Coltrane Β· Essential Works: 1952-1962 2x12’’ [28.00€]
John Frusciante Β· Maya (Limited Lilac Color Edition) 2x12’’ [28.50€]
John Frusciante Β· The Empyrean (10 Year Anniverssary Issue) 2x12’’ [33.00€]
John Paesano Β· Marvel’s Spider-Man OST (180g Black Vinyl) OST 2x12’’ [60.00€]
Johnny Cash Β· Essential Works: 1955-1962 (Limited Edition) 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Jordan Rakei Β· Late Night Tales (Limited Numbered Green Edition) 2x12’’ [31.50€]
Julien Baker Β· Little Oblivions (Limited Coloured Edition) 12’’ [21.00€]
Kadavar Β· The Isolation Tapes (Limited Premium Edition) 3x12’’ [33.00€]
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Β· The Kid 2x12’’ [24.00€]
Kenji Kawai Β· Ghost In The Shell OST 12’’ [22.50€]
Khruangbin Β· The Universe Smiles Upon You 12’’ [25.00€]
King Dude Β· Full Virgo Moon (Limited Smoke Colored Vinyl) 12’’ [25.00€]
King Krule Β· The Ooz 12’’ [24.00€]
Kjetil Mulelid Β· Piano 12’’ [27.00€]
Knxwledge Β· 1988 (Limited Colored Edition) 12’’ [26.00€]
Koji Β· Crooked in My Mind (Limited Colored Edition) 12’’ [21.50€]
La Femme Β· Paradigmes 2x12’’ [28.00€]
London Grammar Β· Californian Soil (Limited Colored Vinyl Edition) 12’’ [27.50€]
Loney Dear Β· A Lantern And A Bell 12’’ [20.00€]
Luca Yupanqui Β· Sounds of the Unborn (Limited Clear Green Splatter Vinyl) 12’’ [23.50€]
Manslaughter 777 Β· World Vision Perfect Harmony (Limited Clear With Hi-Melt White) 12’’ [27.00€]
Mansur Β· Karma (Clear Vinyl) 12’’ [18.00€]
Masabumi Kikuchi Β· Hanamichi Β· The Final Studio Recording 12’’ [25.00€]
Massive Attack Β· Mezzanine (Virgin 40 Limited Edition) 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Matthew Halsall Β· Oneness 3x12’’ [32.00€]
Max Richter Β· Voices 2 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Max Richter Β· Voices 2 2xCd [20.00€]
Meemo Comma Β· Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter (Limited Silver Edition) 12’’ [27.00€]
Menahan Street Band Β· Make The Road By Walking 12’’ [17.00€]
Menahan Street Band Β· The Exciting Sounds Of MSB (Limited Colored Edition) 12’’ [26.00€]
Michael Kiwanuka Β· Kiwanuka 2x12’’ [27.50€]
Michel Magne Β· Don Juan 1973 OST 12’’ [26.50€]
Miles Davis Β· So What (180g Edition) 12’’ [16.00€]
Mono & A.A. Williams Β· Exit in Darkness (Milky Clear Haze Vinyl) 10’’ [22.00€]
Motorpsycho Β· Kingdom of Oblivion (Limited Black Gatefold Edition) 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Mountain Tamer Β· Live in the Mojave Desert Vol.5 (Limited Neon Pink Edition) 12’’ [27.00€]
Muslimgauze Β· Narcotic 2x12’’ [29.00€]
Nebula Β· Live in the Mojave Desert Vol.2 (Limited Orange Fluorescent Vinyl) 12’’ [27.00€]
Nicolas Jaar Β· Cenizas (Deluxe Edition + Book) 2x12’’ [34.00€]
Nikolaienko Β· Rings 12’’ [20.00€]
NINA Β· Synthian [feat. LAU] (Limited Snow White Vinyl) 12’’ [26.00€]
Nina Simone Β· Vinylart Β· Nina Simone (Picture Vinyl) 12’’ [20.00€]
Nurse With Wound Β· To the Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl 12’’ [25.00€]
Oneida Β· Each One Teach One (Limited Colored Edition) 2x12’’ [25.00€]
Owen Pallett Β· Island 2x12’’ [26.00€]
Parcels Β· Live Vol.1 2x12’’ [24.00€]
Pavement Β· Brighten the Corners 12’’ [21.00€]
Pavement Β· Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 12’’ [21.00€]
Peter Murphy Β· Love Hysteria (Limited Indigo Vinyl) 12’’ [24.00€]
Peter Murphy Β· Should the World Fail To Fall Apart (Limited Blue Vinyl) 12’’ [24.00€]
Phoebe Bridgers Β· Stranger in the Alps 12’’ [21.00€]
Roger Fakhr Β· Fine Anyway 12’’ [21.00€]
Rone Β· Rone & Friends 12’’ [25.00€]
Ryo Fukui Β· A Letter From Slowboat 12’’ [31.00€]
Ryo Fukui Β· Scenery 12’’ [24.00€]
Sarah Davachi Β· Gave In Rest 12’’ [24.00€]
Serpentwithfeet Β· Deacon (Limited Opaque Brown Vinyl) 12’’ [24.50€]
Shai Maestro Β· Human 12’’ [22.00€]
Slaughter Beach, Dog Β· At the Moonbase (Limited Indie Exclusive Edition) 12’’ [23.50€]
Som Β· Awake 12’’ [20.00€]
Som Β· Awake Cd [15.50€]
Still Corners Β· Slow Air 12’’ [25.00€]
Still Corners Β· The Last Exit (Limited Crystal Clear Vinyl) 12’’ [25.50€]
Sunn O))) Β· Life Metal (Limited Translucent Green) 2x12’’ [42.00€]
Susan Alcorn Β· The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin) (Limited Colored Edition) 12’’ [21.00€]
Talk Talk Β· The Party Is Over 12’’ [21.00€]
Tame Impala Β· Innerspeaker (10th Anniversary Reissue) Boxset 4x12’’ [50.00€]
The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Β· Music From The Twilight Saga 2x12’’ [35.00€]
The Mountain Goats Β· Songs for Pierre Chuvin (Limited Pink & White Swirl Vinyl) 12’’ [23.50€]
The Still Β· Got It 12’’ [19.50€]
The War On Drugs Β· Live Drugs 12’’ [27.50€]
Thomas Fehlmann Β· BΓΆser Herbst 12’’ [24.00€]
Thought Beings Β· Neon Beach (Limited White Vinyl) 12’’ [26.00€]
Thundercat Β· Drunk (Limited Red Vinyl Boxset) 4x10’’ Boxset [35.00€]
Tingvall Trio Β· CIRKLAR (Limited 180 Gramm Black Vinyl) 12’’ [24.00€]
Tingvall Trio Β· Dance (Limited Black Edition) 12’’ [25.00€]
Tomas Nordmark Β· Eternal Words 12’’ [30.00€]
Tortoise Β· TNT 2x12’’ [27.50€]
Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek Β· 1+3+1 12’’ [20.00€]
Turnover Β· Altogether (Limited Purple Vinyl) 12’’ [22.00€]
Vikingur Olafsson Β· Philip Glass: Piano Works 2x12’’ [28.00€]
Vladislav Delay Β· Multila 2x12’’ [23.00€]
William The Conqueror Β· Maverick Thinker 12’’ [25.00€]
Wolfgang Tillmans Β· Heute Will Ich Frei Sein 12’’ [15.00€]
Women Β· S/t 12’’ [16.50€]
Zeal & Ardor Β· Devil Is Fine (Heavyweight Coloured Vinyl) 12’’ [21.00€]



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