I am thinking of creating an alter ego for myself

I live a fairly normal life with few highs and lows. So I was thinking of creating an alter ego that does things that I wouldnt normally do. Have a separate cupboard with outlandish clothing, and say tell my mates ‘sorry cant see you this evening tonights a RonyX night!’
You ever thought about doing this?


I cannot say I have

You thought about getting an electric scooter?

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I tell u what I was just in Italy and all fashionistas are whizzing around on them!

Well it something you can think about now

What type of clothes
You going to become a furry, larp or CD?

Or do you mean a new blue t-shirt instead of black

i’d quite like to try an eggo

doesn’t really help your situation but thought i would share

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Is this you next time you’re in the United States of USA?

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a black leather jacket and go by the name Roscoe, speak with a gravelly voice or the other end of the scale, drag clothing and call myself Rowener. Just to experience what’s its like to live a different life for the night


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I’m going to become a phantom thief and stop those rotten meddling adults



I’d like to try a findus crispy pancake

only just noticed that findus is ‘Find us’!! A clue? A cry for help???


gonna create an alter ego as a whimsical frozen goods detective


Around the time me and the TV watched Alias for the first (or possibly second time) we talked about poncing around in other places completely in different character like we were on some sort of secret mission.

Never got round to it but maybe it’s time…