I am thinking of going to dubrovnik in march

what’s the weather like? what are cool things to do? places to see? also good pubs, bars (no clubs pls i’m boring), restaurants. i’m quite interested in the war as well, what are the best museums?

thanks in advance :+1:

Know this: the food is appalling. Everything else is pretty sweet.

damn. any particular places to avoid food wise?

this sounds glib as fuck, didn’t mean it to come off that way.



The problem seemed to be that the majority of food we could find was made to satisfy the huge Italian tourist market (only over the sea). But it wasn’t exactly the best Italian food.

There are some nice places though but I didn’t once get the sense of a Croatian cuisine.

Do you like swimming? I don’t really know how warm the sea will be in March but in June it was already great for swimming and one of the Islands we visited just over from the mainland - Lokrum? - had some great swimming stuff. Get a snorkle kit if you can as the water is nice and clear.

Seem to remember a bunch of nice places to eat and drink in the old town around here

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There is a war museum in the main bit of the Old Town. It is understandably bleak as fuck.

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We are heading there in June

We are going to go to this restaurant - https://360dubrovnik.com/

The 360? At the end of the meal do they also rate YOU on Trip Advisor?


War, huh, what is it good for?
A nice museum trip while on holiday

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this is fair and i deserve your mockery.

I sure hope not - I’m a messy eater!

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No idea about Croatian history or anything about it that isn’t tied to the war or euro 1996. Real non-entity compared to some of the countries around it.

Have fun!

it looks beautiful imo, lovely little sidestreets and buildings.

Yeah that bit is great for sure.

I’d advise downloading the Dubrovnik chapter from the Croatia Lonely Planet maybe? I mean it’s usually only a few quid for the PDF although I haven’t done this in years so maybe there’s a whole app now

This is a good joke.

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On Bookrocker?

We had a meal here which IIRC was the top rated Tripadvisor place in Dubrovnik a couple of years ago. It was immense although it’s not in the city centre.


Was a bit disappointed by Dubrovnik - looks very nice (especially if you’re a Game Of Thrones viewer) but the old city is MEGA touristy and expensive and most of the nearby beaches are privately owned and charge you for the privilege. There are better places in Croatia to visit IMO that don’t necessarily have the initial wow factor.

That said, still enjoyed overall. Would recommend:

  • Cable car from just outside the city walls up to the mount - great views.

  • There is a restaurant at the top of the cable car which is a bit pricey, but just by the bottom of the cable car is a place that does HUGE pizzas for not much £££ - this gaff:


  • You can get tons of one day trips over to the nearby islands - these usually involve a beach stop. You can also kayak immediately outside the city walls which is good.

  • City walls are worth dedicating some walking time to. Nice little bar perched on the cliffs just outside the walls (bills itself as secret but everyone knows where it is) - this place:


  • The whole old town fills up massively during the day as the cruise ships come in - if possible do something else during this time. It’s then actually quite pleasant at night after everyone has fucked off. Can get better deals on restaurants/set menus too. Most of the restaurants seem to serve the same 10 dishes, which got a bit boring after awhile.

Agree with a lot of this. We stayed in a village just outside (Stikovika?) and had a great time but actually visiting the city centre was probably my least favourite part of the holiday. Very busy and touristy as you said. The prices were absolutely mental too. One family we spoke to say they’d been paying £50 to rent a sunbed on a private beach. £50! A day!