I ate a Topic


Weird eh

Topic Topic Topic

Just ate a club




never seen one of these in the wild are they one of those 80s chocolate bars like a boost or lion bar?


up there with the best, if not THE BEST



Did get offered the choice of mint or raisin actually though


I’m enjoying this Topic Topic, Ant


They’re very rare but they sell them at Waitrose and at the BT Sport canteen both of which are regular lunchtime haunts for me.


You were supposed to say “Because I was hungry”


Fruit and nut


sounds like a good mix of ingredients though!


I had a Lion bar yesterday for the first time in years.

Wasn’t great.


pretty sure I heard a horror story about topics and ever since I’ve considered them a bit suspect. Never bought a big one, only had the little ones in a selection box.




Topic - Fine to good
Picnic - Good
Wispa - Good
Snickers - Boring
Fruit and nut - Good


every one I’ve had for the last decade has tasted like it’s sat uneaten for about 10 years anyway


You think a wispa is good but you consider a snickers boring? What are you even on about?


Would love to know what these Topic horror stories are?


It’s because I really like Wispas but I find Snickers to be quite boring


Pfft, who knows. Something like a creature was found in one. That kind of story has never put me off anything before so I don’t know why it has with topics.