I ate a Topic

I… rest my case.

No sorry willing to learn though

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This is good expertise. Thank you for sharing.

Can you let us know which date you made this post?

didn’t know this happened

I don’t think you need to be quite as brash


is this an ongoing series?

I have a vague memory as a young’n of Topics being included in selection boxes, they had a year or two in the big leagues, those days long gone. The Luton Town of confectionary.

maybe cos people get quite sniffy about Topics - no idea why cos they’re wonderful. wish they’d put them back in Celebrations.

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would be a superior snack bar if it didn’t contain the raisins.

I like raisins.

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what was today’s disappointment please (if you don’t mind sharing ofc)

this is my disappointment of the day


Do you think you could consider the poor box office performance of Oldboy in the USA your disappointment of the day?

I would welcome this and I feel that dis in general would be behind it as a concept



Great box office return in the states for a foreign language film, I’ll say that for it!

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That was three days after my twenty ninth birthday!

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Topic - used to be a ‘hazelnut in every bite’. Very nice.
Original Boost was coconut and facking delicious.
White chocolate Lion bars - fucking lovely.
I had a Starbar, nee peanut Boost today, pretty good.