I ate a Topic

I had a Lion bar on Tuesday for the first time in years!


Had a Picnic this week. Was really good.

Had a double decker this week. Wasn’t.

death by snickers for tone?

  • yes
  • no

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You’ll go through me first

Don’t be a clown

the problem with chocolate bars with stuff in them is that they don’t last, you just shove the whole thing in your gob and swallow it.

Prefer like a tube or smarties or some chocolate buttons or even a milky way. Something to savour.

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Fuck off I just offered to defend you.

Kill him with snickers.

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will you be revising this in light of tone’s stance on double deckers?

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BUT… wispas are just chocolate. Snickers are more than just chocolate. Surely despite wispas being boring, you like them. Whereas with snickers… you just… don’t like them? I don’t know. My brain hurts.

Do you prefer Smarties or M&Ms Bam?

please don’t taint the topic, please

if you could get big bags of smarties it’d be smarties but m&ms are ubiquitous so I choose them.

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Wispas is a very interesting texture of chocolate. Snickers have peanuts and I find peanuts boring. If someone started a thread called “What is the most boring nut? (Poll thread)” I would vote for the “Peanut” option and I can guarantee that.


Fruit and nut and snickers are the two best chocolate bars. I established this around 6 years ago and have only eaten anything else in a real bind since (I don’t eat many chocolate bars though, maybe around 6 per annum, almost always during or immediately after exercise).

Thanks for your time

I seeee… okay, I understand now. Thank you for clarifying.

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You’re not better than me

Any time.

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This is objectively an incorrect post

i’m loathe to call a snickers a chocolate bar, really. more of a snack. same with kit kats, lion bars, topic bar etc.

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