I ate a Topic

should be at least 75% chocolate coated uniformly over whatever other ingredients you want.

i’m a sucker for white chocolate. wouldn’t put it top though as it can be sickly or disappointing when made by the wrong people

probably 50% here though

What are you talking about?

i’ve said my piece.

what about a four finger kit kat? you’re eating essentially the same amount and ratio of chocolate to wafer etc so i can’t see how it would be any different


they’re all covered in chocolate and are all bar shaped

bollocks they are

Do you think anyone would accept it if I started calling chocolate bars chocolate ingots?

could go a kit kat like


how no

Brown co

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Enjoying my once quarterly choco treat in light of this topic

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Do you like going to Mercadona?

save it for Thursday!

i do.

Would you say “I do” in a Mercadona as a venue for your wedding?

probably not, to be honest with you.

So if you were having a wedding in Mercadona you wouldn’t go through with it? Or were you just saying you were unlikely to have your wedding in Mercadona but that if you did have it there you would still say “I do”?