I ate a Topic

I would argue that the US cinemagoer doesn’t know much about good films

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I think these things go in cycles

(FYI I’m trying out “I think these things go in cycles” as a new default response to things)

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It’s not something I’ve given much thought.

(that’s mine at the moment)

I like it!

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Life is Beautiful?


We got three already. That’s enough now.

Fucking hell. Live a little. Going the extra mile never hurt anyone.

No, three is more than enough.

Snickers dry my mouth right out

What do “Mars” do?

Yeah similar. Both are nice in ice cream form though aren’t they. Not that it matters

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I like frozen Mars bars more than I like Mars ice cream bars.

I had a Mars KFC Krushem on Tuesday. It was nice.

Sounds like we like different stuff but still have more in common than we may initially think

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That’s all part of being a person isn’t it. We can celebrate our differences if you want to?

Do you know anything about the box office performance of foreign language films in the United States?

People who vote Dark as their favourite are just trying to be sophisticated.

I like dark chocolate the most and I am extremely unsophisticated.