I believe a kid has cut a tree down somewhere...

Dicks out for Tree


Keep up!

Pretty garbage thread, well done everyone


Ah fuck that is better

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way ahead of you

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Bet he wouldn’t go cutting down trees in Saudi Arabia

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Personally, were I to want to kill a sycamore, I’d simply sneak some SBD fungus into it’s I.V. make it look like natural causes, no one will ever know.

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A tree near my house got cut down so it didn’t blow into a house and the stump that they left sprouted loads of new tree bits really quickly and turned into a fairly big bush. So that’s promising. Big historic tree would be better though :frowning:


Genuinely really pissed off by this thread.

Yes, the vile responses calling for violence should absolutely be condemned. But the natural environment we live in is a huge part of shared culture and imagination.

There’s a beech tree near me that means so much to me. Just being near it makes me feel more alive, more connected, more free. The thought of someone damaging it cuts right through me.


I don’t think anyone actually thinks it’s good.


Cutting the tree down is an unbelievably shitty thing to do. It was a good tree.

Disappointed they seem to have solved it already though, this story had legs, it was going to be one of those things where the country collectively lost its fucking mind. Maybe we still will, idk


Don’t know anything about this, but read not long ago that Leonardo Da Vinci came up with the idea of counting the rings in a tree to find out the age. He was an ideas man, that guy.

(Don’t correct me on this if it’s not true, I simply do not care).

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this kid must be a alien or sutin

Just a lot of weird, glib posts in here from people who are normally alright, though.


I uh, I guess this isn’t the time for Eddie Howe asking ‘‘how am I doing, boss?’’ to the tree, then…


I think most/all people think it’s extremely sad that an ancient, historically-significant tree has been vandalized.

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Sorry, not looking for any sort of confrontation, but I just find this sort of statement a little off, more so than anything in the thread prior, suggesting that anyone finding light in the overreaction to a tree being felled is some sort of deviant. I dunno, I just don’t…get it. I’m pretty sure people are just having a laugh rather than being ‘weird’ or ‘not alright’.