I believe it to be Tuesday


Up early for a run, quite amazed I actually got up. Woke up from a horrible dream which helped. Dull work later.

Woss goin’ on with you today?


Fuck off Tuesday nobody likes you


Just heard on BBC Breakfast that there’s a gas leak somewhere in London and all nearby property has been evacuated


No it’s the Strand ffs


-30 here. About to get our dogs ready for day 2 of sledding. Laters, DiS!


Dont want to work today


Still ill. Day muthafuckin FIVE of being bed bound. Takes the piss.


Working from home


Annual appraisal day


On a course. Last time there were profiteroles so hoping for same again.


I woke up 20 minutes early but I’m later to work today than I was yesterday :weary: just going to sleep in next time


cheerful start to the day


Oh my god

Btw hi DiS


Went for my run, wish I got that exercise buzz but I just feel a bit irked. Had beans on a toasted bagel for breakfast (sorry epimer) and coffee. Gotta leave for work soon, cba.




Yeah ^this too. Heading through to Glasgow for it. Got a free pret coffee though :muscle:


Morning! Also got up early for a run. Birthday today, 33 urgh feel old :tired_face: Got some superhero socks, don’t really like superheroes but I do like socks :+1: Went halves with my GF on a new camera, not had a proper camera for a couple if years since the last one broke so looking forward to going out at the weekend and taking some pictures.




Seriously can’t be bothered today. I’m going to get an absolute kicking from my boss today about a project I’m working on.

The Cribs were amazing last night!

@Witches what’s with the 20mph speed limit all over Edinburgh?!? Sort it out please, back to 30mph.




Yes m9! Happy Birthday!