I bet there's people on here that use Opera as their web browser 😁


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Comes with a free VPN. So I use it for engaging in entirely legal browsing and entirely legal downloading.

I do use Chrome 99% of the time though.

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Oh that’s good, didn’t know that

I’m a firefox boi.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • other

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I used to use the BT Internet browser that came free with their broadband for about 3 years.

seriously lads, firefox is tonnes better.

Can’t remember why I decided to use Opera, don’t ever use the VPN (honestly guv), but I do like the little sidebar that integrates WhatsApp. It’s fine, but it seems quite resource-intensive? Idk. I consider changing it occasionally, but it’s a bit:


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Always laugh when I look at my website analytics and see the 3 visits a week from Opera


I think this is why I use Chrome tbh

I think I used Firefox for a bit but then there was something it didn’t have that I needed. Probably the developer tools stuff, can’t remember though.

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better at blocking ads and popups - sometimes too good actually.
better privacy.
not google.
ff containers are great and I just think the UI is a lot better.

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Sorry. I use brave

Me too

arnold schwarzenegger predator GIF

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The thread title makes it look like I was dying for people to talk about web browsers but didn’t have the guts to say it outright


Hadn’t even heard of this. Google are heading for a fall.

Was a Firefox boy in my younger years but kept getting relentless Script Error popups and had to jump ship to team Chrome