I bet there's people on here that use Opera as their web browser ๐Ÿ˜

Used to handle loads of tabs better than chrome (for me) donโ€™t know if it still does. Cant be bothered finding out though

I used to use Opera in the days of Old DiS as there was a B&W mode (with no images) which made it look like work.

Right but what about for cool dudes who arenโ€™t nerds

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they can have one of these:
Halloween GIF


Chrome are cheeky cunts with that โ€œAmpโ€. Rehosts the content so the original source doesnโ€™t get the โ€˜link juiceโ€™ and I think boosts it in search which punishes websites that donโ€™t use it. Thread became boring.

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Edge comes with windows, works fine, why let another corp spy on what your up to when your already using MSโ€™ OS?

Because itโ€™s really, really shit

I use Linux haha #schoolmemories

Itโ€™s literally Chrome without Google (as they all are, except Firefox)

A browser is more than the back end stuff though