I bet this is absolutely foul

Looks a bit grim, but I had a Mozambique-style coconut & lime curry sauce and that was lovely.

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I like to spend some time in Mozambique

Desiccated coconut is grim
Bounties are grim
Surprise coconut milk is horrific

Other than that you are 100% right :slight_smile:

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Actually, this is my opinion

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Is coconut the only thing we desiccate?

unless we’re secretly spiders

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I like this:



So wrong.
I used to like to sprinkle a handful of dessicated coconut onto vanilla ice-cream with golden syrup :yum:

What’s surprise coconut milk? Does that mean it’s ok as long as you’ve been warned it’s coming?

I don’t mind coconut flakes, I think it’s something about the overpowering nature that things covered in desiccated coconut seem to have. Might be as much to do with what they’re covering tbh.

That is pretty much what surprise coconut milk is. It’s happened to me (twice plus) when I’ve taken a big glug of coffee before running out of the house and realised I’ve put coconut milk in instead of any other milk. Had to change clothes on one of those occasions due to reflex spitting.

Surprise parsnips put me off them for years and I love them now, so there’s probably room for a retry in 10-15 years



What is the meaning of desiccated coconut, Lonzy?


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Desicated coconut = evil hellspawn

Coconut milk = delicious in an appropriate dish

Coconut smelling shower gell, suncream etc = fine

Coconut water - meh

This is the definitive take


Does dehydrating count? Cause then loads of foods I guess

I guess so but why does coconut get desiccation exclusivity?

I enjoy a bit of coconut in a smoothie and such, but other than that it is definitely not for me.

never realised that coconut was so maligned


No wonder it’s shy


Fucking chock full of fat, could basically live off coconut pieces in some sort of apocalypse scenario


if your mate got back from the shop and had bought you a bounty

  • mmm thanks mate
  • as long as it’s a dark choc one, yeah?
  • eww no
  • some kind of joke based on an intentional misreading of ‘bounty’

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