I bet your average plumber hates the trend

of enclosed bathrooms where everything is hidden behind panels and that.
Like, back in the day you might have a free standing bath and easy access to a cistern and a sink, but now everything is really inaccessible so you must spend ages working out where everything is before you can even get to it.
I bet that’s a hot topic on your online plumber forums like plumbersuk or whatever they are called. Bet they wish they were plumbers in the 80’s or 90’s.
Any plumbers on here care to comment?
I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.


wonder if they hate the expression ‘to plumb the depths’ as well

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Yes, I think this is a common gripe. One of my ATD is a plumber but wants to sack it off - people basically want everything you do to be invisible.

This is something that has been a matter of some debate in my household recently. I’m pleased to announce that the case against enclosed fittings has taken a lead…

Actually, they tend to prefer it, as pipework, cisterns etc can be cheaper (copper or plastic), rather than having to be on display, and while the pipework is behind access panels, they are accessible, which is much better than having to lift up floorboards or chase out brickwork, or rip out plasterboard.

“oh, the cistern isn’t filling up as required, I’ll just quickly…take the whole bathroom apart to get to it”


my access panels aren’t very accessible mate!

Aye, it’s nonsense IMO.

The same applies to cables and leads elsewhere to some extent. The lengths I’ve gone to to try and ensure that things which need plugging in appear to not be plugged into anything…


Just had a plumber round to fix my boiler. Was going to ask him, but there was nothing average about him! Arsenal fan, grew up South London, his dad was Chelsea and his brother’s Man United!

(Assuming the new valve takes, he did a good job, but I’m withholding the checkatrade review until I’m sure)

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Reckon the fella who lived here wanted to hide the cables and that from the TV and that’s why our living room wall has one massive hole, along with several subsidiary holes.