I blame Balonz

So yesterday evening, I had sometime on my hands so decided to empty the filter on the washing machine. My washing machine is now not draining and there are a load of wet stinking clothes in the bath and I have had an argument with my gf - this is all your fault @anon29812515


You’re right to blame him.

Much like Jamie Summers did, he needs taking down a peg or eleven.

But the filter is clean! That is all that matters.


Having said that, I took out my filter the other day.

It was clean as a whistle. I put it back and everything is still working fine.

So you’re clearly a div.


early Metallica lyrics etc…

It makes no sense it should be working better if anything, now having a clear filter!

Did you put it back backwards

I think your girlfriend has probably sabotaged it. Wants to make you out to be an idiot. When really all you were doing was good. Gaslighting you. I’m sorry to tell you this.

All I am saying is this type of thing would never have happened with @marckee advice

yes and then when it didn’t drain took it out put my finger in there all sorts. had to clear up all the water of the floor about three times!

Marckee advice comes with a 3 year warranty (extendable to 5 years for ÂŁ19.99)

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And is Which? approved


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The only thing that has changed from when it was working to now it isn’t is there no longer 4 shirt collar stiffners or fluff in the filter, how has this stopped it from draining!!!

the gold standard


What make is your machine?

hotpoint, but I warn you I now no longer trust strange men on the internet (bcos of u)

Did you correctly re attach the pump?

What do you mean, I never took the pump off?!?! At least I didn’t think I did.

could you have knocked the power connection to it? I don’t know where each are in relation to each other on your machine but iirc when I replaced a busted pump on ours (a bobby pin had got in there and pierced a hole right through the half inch thick plastic!) they weren’t that far apart and the blade style power connectors can be prone to slipping off in some cases.

In any case I think you’ve got a fairly good case against @anon29812515

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