I bought a tarpaulin



I never thought the day would come when I bought one. But it has come and it has passed.

Have you bought anything that you thought you would never buy?


Haven’t seen Tom Paulin about for a while.


what’s the tarp for, man?


Looking forward to finding out that tarps are tory in a minute.


I can’t tell you that.


wonder if there’s someone called Pauline that sells tarpaulin.

what do you think?


fair enough. tarp talk can get real ugly


Do you remember when Tom Paulin was famous enough that they were taking the piss out of him on the Alistair McGowan show?


Need to buy a washer at some point, I never thought I’d buy a washer.


plastic so obviously tory. if you were proper working class you’d just sit in the dirt.


Does the late review still exist? Always used to watch that shit.


like for a nut and bolt


Yeah (for a shower hose specifically in this instance)


I don’t think so, or if it does, in very minimised form.

Once I remember Bonnie Greer talking about why Radiohead and Dashboard Confessional were great bands of the age.


Tarps are not tory.

I bought one to cover my bike after the car cover I was using finally gave up the ghost.


bought a massive tub of grease a couple of months ago

never thought i’d be doing that


Have you never cooked anything before?


I couldn’t tell where the poltergeist in my house was so I threw a plastic sheet over it. that’s when my tarpaulin gave up the ghost.

what am I even doing with my life honest to god



(it was copper grease)


Grease made of copper, or grease for applying to copper?