I bought some shorts but I think they might be too short

How do I know?

I haven’t worn shorts in 15+ years so I’m a little anxious about it

Are people fainting

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If you like wearing them, they aren’t too short.


I don’t like wearing them I’m self conscious about my legs

but I need to wear them

Is there a cheeky bollock peeking out?

If not, they’re probably fine.

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They don’t write 'em like this anymore

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you can see the knees

pretty bad I know, I didn’t try them on

Well that’s sort of step one


I don’t like trying clothes on in clothes shops

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Bamnan, yesterday


they’re a little longer than this

It’s not ideal but it’s better than getting stuff you can’t use, or using a postal service of some kind

going to try going outside and if nobody laughs at me I might be ok

The only shorts rule is- “balls and schlong away, fair play”

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:notes: Who likes short shorts?
:musical_note: Bam likes short shorts!

Fucking awful isn’t it


as a non-shorts wearer I haven’t been paying attention to the fashion in shorts so I don’t know what is in and what is out

As long as nothing is out and everything is in it’s fine