I bought some shorts but I think they might be too short

Balls out

widge in

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As long as nothing is out and everything is in it’s fine

also spent years thinking my legs were pretty good but actually they’re a bit shit, hard coming to terms with this

Are you showing brain?

what does that mean?

it means marckee is down with the fellow kids


Show us a photo already!!!


Are your testicles showing?

nah it’s too embarassing, maybe I could get a diagram of a leg or something and point out where they stop

no of course not

Did Chandler Bing invent showing brain?

“brain” :nauseated_face:

As a (former) fellow non short wearer I think you should’ve held out for longer bammers.

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I think so

peer pressure from my mate I’m afraid

He certainly reinvented hiding it well

its a start

Always confused me cause it was presented like it was a regular saying but I wasn’t sure if Chandler was just speaking American.

Yeah it’s a powerful thing. You just have to hold firm.

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Even if it isn’t, it works because you know exactly what it means as soon as you hear him say it.