I called it a widge


…at work and someone said that was poetic.


what did you call a widge?


you know…it


I’m really not sure but I’m going to guess penis?

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

wham BAM thankyou man


you’re welcome!


this has just made me think of Wham rap. Thank you. It is the best song that was ever written about @Bamnan


The next time I’m about to get intimate with someone I’m going to whisper in their ear “stick yer widge in me”




Katy Perry’s early draft etc


this is what it was called back in primary school in the Greater Manchester area circa the 90s

no idea what the standard is now


Yeh Stockport schools mate

I think it’s still called that. Especially if one is feeling poetic.


I was a poetic child among poetic children. you can derive this from the fact that we called it widge


I just thought it was the guy from star wars


widge antennae or something?


antilles sorry


wtf he’s just a normal looking dude?

Thought he had like bug eyes and a big sad mouth


who am I thinking of?


Think you mean “Chewbacca”


nah, I used to smoke it though but I’ve given up