I came up with a joke

A man came into my private eye office yesterday and asked me to help him find his work bag.

Turned out he’d just left it at home.

It was a brief case.

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I thought I’d made up a joke about South African’s and feta cheese, but turns out its very famous already.

stewart lee?

Yup, that’s nacho joke

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thewza is going to be so angry with you

This guy? I got a free ticket to see him once, it was ok for a monday evening. I wouldn’t’ve paid. Also turns out he is a hardcore christian and has some religious comedy thing he does on the side too.

I had to read that three times before clicking that you’d said my private eye office, not the private eye office. Was searching for a Hislop related punchline

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even for a comedian headshot, that’s very irritating


The private eye bit was a last minute addition, but you need to someone get in the idea that it’s a case - so police, PI, detective or something. It needs work, I admit.

All of his photos were of him pulling a stupid face and wearing a hawaian shirt. Just try googling Milton Jones and see what I mean.

"A man asked me to help him find his work bag.

Turned out he’d left it at home.

It was a brief case.

PS: I am a detective."


Maybe you would change your mind if you tried some of his Jesus standup?

(Loathe him more)

He’s one of the reasons I find Radio 4’s claim to be the “home of radio comedy” the funniest thing about Radio 4’s comedy

At least he can’t pull those faces, and you can’t see his shirt on radio.

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Needs work.

And a terrible comedy shirt.

always feel pretty sorry for him


no of course not, isn’t he like an American and also an author or something?

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He chose to go on TV being him. He only has himself to blame.