I came up with a joke

does he do this joke?

I don’t know, I didn’t subject myself to it. I feel like my life is all the better for it.

There was a leaflet they handed out with his appearances at christian festivals.

well I’m going to defend him:

  1. he’s probably the most likeable person who was on Mock the Week.
  2. I thought him not being funny so adamantly was actually quite good.

You are right about no 1, I guess, but it seems such a low bar to cross.

yeah, can’t we all just agree to hate Russell Howard instead?



girlfriend in a coma, with a face like Hana Mandlikova whenever she served to stay in the match, oh yeah.

He’s also better than Tim Vine (again, another low bar to clear)

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you got in for free? what a rip off!

There was no form afterwards to claim my expenses for a wasted evening, so I had to cut my losses.

yeah that could have been ok, you just don’t feel enough empathy for him

I came up with an excellent Andrew Sachs gag on the old forum (ideas for jokes thread I think) once

Would of been a good time to give it another spin, shame I can’t remember it

good double apostrophe there. don’t see enough of them imo.

Someone asked me to do stand up to fill time at a gig once, but I genuinely couldn’t think of any jokes.

This isn’t a joke btw
^neither is this

How does it smell?

Just stand there with a piece of paper that looks like it could have your material written on, and constantly act like you’re about to start reading something off it, but never do. Just stare at the crowd disconcertingly.

like this?

Please don’t remind me of the existence of Kate Tempest.

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And no, I will not watch that video.